How To Have an Affair
with Your Spouse

   I often know when a spouse is having an affair. 

   Because all of a sudden, the cheating spouse is HAPPY. She has energy. She's wide awake and her husband knows HE has nothing to do with it.

   What if you can generate that happiness without the cheating? What if you can make your private life so riveting, exciting and fulfilling that monogamy feels like a volcanic romance?   

   In my coaching, we explore the atmosphere that leads to an affair, and then create its incredible opposite...You'll learn how you and your spouse can create NEW love for each other every day.

   Sound impossible? It's not.

   We just have to build a bridge to get there. We develop the language, which is the beginning of intimacy. Speaking this language removes the barriers that wreck your relationship. You can learn how to listen, how to be heard, and how to let go.

   Sound even more impossible?   

   Even if your thoughts are saying: "Things weren't supposed to be this way," or "The marriage we have is an empty shell," or "It's not like it was when we started..." We're going to get to the rock-bottom of those thoughts, and help you find a new way forward that will revitalize your relationship.

   So you can actually see your partner as the lover you married.

   One of the biggest keys to a joy filled home is having a healthy, and satisfying intimate life. This is a pleasure God granted to us to help create a deep and intertwined connection with your soulmate.  But what do you do when that isn’t private life is missing? Where do you go for help?

   Each week I have a few free half hour sessions. Private message me on Facebook to schedule your appointment today.


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