While I work almost exclusively with married couples, my experience is wide open...

   I'm a trained hypnotherapist and accredited coach. In Israel I was the principal at a school for teens at risk. Almost every day they told me crazy stories about their lives.

   I counseled them and steered them straight, but one thing never worked: when my girls told me they were ready to lose their virginity, I could never stop them.

   These young women didn't want to just give themselves away - that's why they came to me, to explain why they should wait. No matter what I said to the contrary they always went ahead with it -- no matter how bad a long-term match the guys were.

   That experience helped me discover I needed to learn more about the language of intimacy. To help people deal with intimacy. I didn't have the tools, just as many traditional counselors don't.

   Coaching people through life's daily struggles is one thing, and coaching them through the deepest stuff in the world is another.  

   So I started learning, researching and seeking authentic Torah sources about intimacy. I discovered the language of sexuality. Being able to discuss it and help my coaching clients access this language in their own relationships offers them new freedom and exhilaration in their personal lives. It emanates to every area, giving them joy, pleasure and laughter where previously they knew only shame, pain and silence.

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