Praying For Sexual Intimacy and Connection


To some praying for intimacy might seem like a foreign concept but intimacy and prayer go hand in hand. There are so many misconceptions about the nature of sexuality, that we often forget that sex is the superglue that can hold a marriage together.

The marital bedroom is referred to as the “Holy of Holies.” God created sex for you to take full pleasure in your relationship with your spouse. So why not ask God to bless the sexual intimacy of your marriage?

If beginning seems awkward at first, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

You can pray for intimacy (or anything you desire) in any time or place. My favorite spot happens to be the Mikvah, or ritual bath. Standing there fully renewed and vulnerable I ask God to grant me ease with this deepest source of connection.   

One area that can often use a good dose of support is body image. Ask God to help you feel good and whole in the body that he gave you. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, ask God to help you see yourself as he sees you. Ask him to help see yourself through loving and tender eyes so that you can take pleasure in the delight your body can bring both to yourself and your husband. Ask to feel good about sharing your body

You can invite healing from past issues. Many of us have heavy baggage that we have brought with us into the marriage. Previouse seuxal trama or simply having been taught that sex is a bad thing, or that liking it makes you bad. Ask for a new view on sex. Ask to see it through healthy eyes that understand its true nature and its sacred potential. Invite painful perspectives to be turned towards truth.  

Ask for help in taking pleasure. An all too common struggle for many women and men is learning how to give themselves over to the experience of sensational sex. We were designed to be sexual creatures, who discover each other through physical touch. So pray for help in letting go of whatever walls and resistances may be holding you back. Ask for help relaxing, feeling safe and being turned on. Ask for help in acknowledging these holy sensations that are here to awaken your senses so that you can know all of the pleasure that is there for the taking.

Pray for God to let you be attracted to your spouse so that you may have eyes only for each other.  And ask for God to allow all of this to bring you closer to your spouse,  to let you melt and know no one another.