Frequently asked questions about intimacy coaching...

Who do you
work with?

   My professional coaching experience is with frustrated, married heterosexual couples.

   I work with pairs, alone with women, and with men when their wives are present. Being together in the room during a transformative session is often an integral part of a couple's development. That being said, when it comes to sex counseling I usually want to work with the woman first, especially if we're using more expressive language. (Being up-front helps women quickly reach the heart of their deepest barriers and desires.)

   If you have to juggle kids, call me and we can work it out. I'm family friendly.   

How do you approach intimacy?

   Not every intimacy coach has the same opinion about intimacy. While most professionals still treat sex as a sensitive subject, as a Jewish coach I believe a conversation about intimacy is like walking on holy ground.

   It's a lofty, spiritual part of your life. Even if you don't feel that way. And if you don't, that's okay...but you should at least want to get elevated. The fact is, I can't imagine working with someone who doesn't strive for a higher concept in their intimate life.

   Because making that concept a reality is the work I do with couples.


How do you approach coaching?

   I don't believe in marriage counseling.

   I believe in individual counseling where the results of your own transformation and growth are a good marriage. Ultimately, you're responsible for you. For example, if you're feeling lonely, I want to help you deal with that emotion and then learn how to inform your spouse of it in a way that works for both of you.  

   Many people prefer coaching over therapy because of its effective, forward thinking results. If you've already tried therapy, or are in the midst of it, coaching is a valuable addition that can offer you new tools that will increase the pleasure of your married life, the love you have for your spouse, and quite possibly save your marriage.

Can you describe a session? 

   As a hypnotherapist, I use a methodology called Intuitive Response to bring you to mental stillness and emotional calm. It's a guided mediation, and the most powerful form of therapy I've ever seen.

   We'll use it to create a space for you to feel genuinely safe, where you can discover and speak your own truth. Perhaps for the very first time.  

   You'll feel so relaxed and present to your own truth, breakthroughs can happen at virtually every session, fundamentally altering the relationship you have with yourself and your spouse. I will help you to still your mind, listen to your body and uncover new keys to unlock understanding, love and excitement.