Intimacy Coaching

ARE YOU READY for intimacy? 

   Not only can you get the love you've dreamed about...our work is going to create shock waves through your life. Private message me right now for this week's chance to get a free 30 minute session with both you and your spouse. (For coach training click here.)

Imagine getting everything you want out of your love life...

    ...Even though you're married.

Think of your lightning-hot passion, excitement and dreams...

    ...Did you know can rekindle them ALL?

Do you suffer from dark feelings and events that ripped away your intimacy...?

    ...You can still fall MORE in love with your partner than ever before.

Did your spouse cheat on you...?

    ...I've seen affairs absolutely save marriages. Yes, completely turn them around.

I'm Rachel Welfeld, marriage intimacy coach, and if you're ready I'm here to help you create a secret private-life with your spouse that you won't believe is true. You can make a good relationship better. You can even save a relationship that is on the rocks. As long as you act NOW before it's too late.    

    Because no marriage just stays put. Turn your back on your spouse for a single day and you drift apart. Real intimacy takes work. My unique style of coaching places the key to love's kingdom in your hand...


You can have peace

   I want you to create shalom - peace in your home. 

   Peace is something you go deep to find. It means learning how to communicate. Learning how to bare all and be the person that both you and your spouse want you to be. Start working and you'll be on the road to a love-life that you can't believe is true.

   You'll be the envy of movie stars, because you'll have a joy filled home.

   One of the biggest keys to a joy filled home is having a healthy, robust and satisfying intimate life. Love is supposed to be fun. (For both of you.)

Not your mom

   What makes your relationship with your life-partner different from your relationship with your Mom, your sister or your best friend? The fact that you can close the bedroom door. You create a portal to an inner life that is sacrosanct, and way beyond anything you see in a movie. That stuff isn't real.

   What you create is actually better, deeper and more significant. 

   When you close the bedroom door, you're creating a space where magic happens. Where you communicate on the deepest level - beyond words. But the bridge to this island of paradise are the words you speak the rest of the time.

   It's the actions that you undertake, or don't, that change the way your intimate life is lived. This is like exercise. When you start to move you get energized. But getting started is hard. You've got cold muscles and a load of fat you need to burn. 


What is intimacy coaching?

   With intimacy coaching, you have the opportunity to learn what you're actually feeling...

  •     Things you may not have told your partner...
  •     That you may not even be fully conscious of yourself.

   I coach you to explode the walls that keep you from being fully revealed to your spouse and that rob you of sexual joy. Through my restorative hypnotherapy, you'll be wrapped in total safety so you can discover how to give each other what you most deeply desire.

   This is the power of the mind-clearing techniques I use: start coaching unable to share the couch, and finish coaching unable to leave the bedroom.

    I want that to be your story.

    You CAN change how you and your spouse feel about each other, and on every level. In fact you have to - because if you're not 'in it to win it' with your spouse - you're not intimate (no matter what you do together.)

  •     Why miss out on the best of each other?
  •     Why miss a life of true happiness and fulfillment?

   See how you can explore the world of your spouse with increasing devotion, intensity and more pleasure than ever. Get more coaching questions answered here at the FAQ.

   Or reach me NOW to warm up your marriage...  


Why Get intimacy coaching?

   Relationships are hard. Always.

   No one has it easy - no matter what they look like on the outside. Beyond the filters that everyone uses to look good, things are often bad.  The world has few models to draw inspiration for what a healthy, vigorous relationship looks like.

   You probably know that it's not in the movies, books, magazines or online.

   At its very best the media gives you shallow advice, and 99 percent of the time the stories and images it shows are guaranteed to wreck your marriage.  

   But knowing isn't enough.

   Not when you're shot through with these images every single day. You need a smart, objective guide who can show you the path to true romantic freedom. Staying together and loving it - Monogamy - isn't what most people are attracted to. At least for the long haul. 

   That's why you need coaching to discover what is truly possible with your spouse. To create a powerful relationship is the road less traveled, and VERY rewarding.

   It's my honor to help you create the love that you've been missing.