Single Session

You need to stick a toe in - I get it.

With one session, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes, you will learn A LOT about yourself, your spouse, and discover new keys to intimacy that will change your marriage.



the 3 Session Package

You're ready to rock your marriage!

Find powerful, life altering secrets that will not only rocket your marriage to a better place, but give you new tools for relationships. A transformative approach to the inner you.    


($100 off the single session price) 

Coach and counselor Training

As a professional intimacy counselor, I've helped many people find answers to riddles that have helped them to live better and more fulfilling lives. I've also developed unique systems, known as Silent Listening and Intuitive Response to guide women and men through, to say the least, complex periods--both emotionally, physically, and of course in their relationships. 

If you would like to learn more about learning my system for helping people change their lives in your own practice, I invite you to call me and discuss it. There are a couple of guidelines:

1. You have to be sincere, authentic and fearless in willing to learn.
2. I have to see that you're competent in your own practice, and going to use these very powerful principles for the good.

We will work out a schedule that allows you to absorb all of the material, and have reasonable access to me to do so, which includes real sessions, so you can understand the process through your own personal work.

Price: $1000.

If you're serious, I can help you radically change the scope of your practice. (And your income.)

Here is a sample of the tools we discuss, based on what you wish to integrate into your own work:

  • Conscious Breathing as a tool for Relaxation
  • Exploring Breath
  • Tension Inventory 
  • Meditation for Intimacy
  • Finding Stillness at the Center of Movement
  • Experiencing Silence
  • Feeling Identification & Definition
  • Feeling Revelation
  • Meeting Your Nurturing Parents
  • How to Deal With Abandonment, Fear, Unworthiness, Hopelessness and Helplessness
  • Transforming Life Issues
  • Practicing and Steps of Silent Listening and Intuitive Response
  • Private Practice / Retreat Leadership

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